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Click here to watch a video of NM kids telling about their experiences with masks at school.

Saturday July 31: Statewide NM School Mask Protest

Here is an interview from about the statewide school mask protest from ESPN Albuquerque The Team.
CALL TO ACTION: Stand up for the health of NM kids! Lead or attend a NM School Mask Protest on 7/31.
THE SITUATION: Although over half the states in the USA have no school mask mandate, NM school children are still being forced to wear masks. The Governor’s recent change to allow vaccinated students to be unmasked is not enough; ALL students must be allowed to unmask, regardless of their vaccination status.

On Saturday, July 31st, New Mexicans around the state will be protesting against Governor Lujan Grisham’s school mask policies.  There are school mask protests planned for 20 cities, with additional cities being added daily.


ALAMOGORDO – 2pm – Corner of 10th Street and White Sands Blvd – Contact Ben at 575-921-5650 or

ALBUQUERQUE – 10am – 1005 Osuna, Vista del Norte Park – Contact Erin at or Karen at

ARTESIA – 10am – Corner of Main & 7th – Contact Stacey at 575-343-1234

BELEN – 10am – Corner of Main and Reinken – Contact Regina at 505-550-0918

CARLSBAD – 1pm – Eddy County Courthouse Lawn – Contact Christy Bryant at 575-361-7779

CLOVIS – TUESDAY AUG 3 at 11:30am – Clovis Municipal School Central Office, 1009 N Main St – Contact

DEMING – 10am – Deming Public Schools Emmett Shockley Building, 400 Cody Road

EDGEWOOD – 10am – Corner of Rout 66 and 344 – Contact Karisa at

FARMINGTON – 10am – Main Street, Grassy Area in Front of Applebee’s, Near the Mall– Contact Lorna at 480-589-3856

LAS CRUCES – 10am – Albert Johnson Park on corner of Main and Picacho – Contact Daniel at

LOGAN – 10am – Cowboy Chuckwagon Parking Lot, 122 HWY 154 – Contact Tonya at 970-396-2222

LOS LUNAS – 10am – Corner of Los Cerritos and Main Street, in front of Applebee’s – Contact Valerie at 505-261-2209

MORIARTY – 10am – Crossly Park, at corner of Route 66 and HWY 41

PORTALES – 10am – Courthouse on the square – Contact Nicole at

RIO RANCHO – 10am – Corner of Southern and 528

ROSWELL – 10am – 912 N Main St, in front of Roswell Convention Center – Contact Daniel at 575-937-8476 or

RUIDOSO – 10am – School House Park, 501 Sudderth Drive – Contact Shane at 575-937-4948 or

SANTA FE – 10:30am – Salvador Perez Train Park at 601 Alta Vista – Contact Kristi at 505-204-8261 or

SILVER CITY – 10am – Gough Park, Corner of 12th St and Pope St

– 10am – Corner of First and Route 66 Blvd, next to the old Hardee’s – Contact Fran at 575-403-5758 or 

: LEAD OR ATTEND A SCHOOL MASK PROTEST: To make the most impact, we need as many New Mexicans to participate in this protest as possible. 

If your location is not on the list, PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO LEAD A PROTEST IN YOUR CITY. Select a high-visibility location, and then we will help spread the word, make a flyer for you to use, help with press/media outreach, etc. Please email Sarah at to get involved.

Click here to view our latest Statewide Activism Update, as of June 30, 2021.

Saturday June 26th: Statewide NM School Mask Protest

What’s next?

All political power is vested in and derived from the people: all government of right originates with the people, is founded upon their will and is instituted solely for their good.

New Mexico Constitution, Article II, Section 2

The people of the state have the sole and exclusive right to govern themselves as a free, sovereign and independent state.

New Mexico Constitution, Article II, Section 3

We agree with the Grish that covid is the “most serious emergency that New Mexico has ever faced,” second to her. We also know that she and enemies foreign and domestic have created this false emergency, and we shall hold them responsible for its devastating consequences which we seek on all fronts to avert and redress.

Greedy Grish has also abused our trust throughout her unlawful lockdown – which of course is for us and not for her. This piece, the Lujan Grisham Way, documents some of her graft and grime:

We, the People of New Mexico, are uniting in common interest for common cause to defend our values, our families, our communities, our homes, our jobs and businesses and local economies, our way of life, our children’s future… to defend New Mexico.

NMFA is non-partisan and our membership is pan-partisan – it includes everyone in a coalition of the willing.

Many interests converge in this work:

  • The COVID lockdown
  • Constitutional Rights and Freedoms (and civic duty)
  • Personal Sovereignty, Religious Freedom, Privacy Rights, etc.
  • Elections integrity and anti-corruption
  • Health Freedom and right to refuse “vaccines” and other state-mandated medical treatments

We are the 100%.