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About NMFA

The New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (NMFA) is a non-partisan coalition which advocates for civil liberties and constitutional representative government. By organizing communication networks and action initiatives in New Mexico, NMFA creates a structure through which local community groups and individuals can work towards mutual goals that advance the causes of freedom, health, and accountability of government.

Committees within the NMFA are currently working in the areas of Legislative Action, Public Health, and Legal Affairs.

Decision-making: Using consensus-based decision making, we seek to align to our core common interest values and objectives as common cause, understanding that consensus requires cooperation over competition, good faith commitment to principles and rights, self-responsibility, maintaining our individual integrity, and mutual respect. It yields durable decisions with full buy-in and ideally marginalizes no one, restoring our capacity for unity in action (rather than unanimity of opinion) as We, the People of New Mexico.

The NMFA has a (forming) Executive Committee which is building structure and setting policy, and which will become the legal board of the organization after incorporation as a registered non-profit.

We are the 100%.