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No Lockdown – Yes Freedom: March 20

Click for March 17 Press Release PDF.

The Facebook event page for the event is here; please RSVP and share widely so we can show huge support for this event:

Please post, re-post, like, forward and distribute far and wide. Tell everyone and tell them again.

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Download 1/4-page handouts document here.

For the one-year anniversary of the “two weeks to flatten the curve” lockdown, on Saturday March 20, there will be a statewide rally to bring attention to the plight of New Mexico. The Governor’s Lockdown policies are killing our state. New Mexicans are suffering from: 

  • Higher COVID-19 death rates than states with far fewer restrictions, such as Texas, Idaho, Utah, and Florida 
  • Rampant depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues 
  • Increased rates of suicide, especially among children  
  • Hundreds of business failures, leading to long-term loss of livelihood for thousands 
  • High rates of unemployment, which are linked to increased domestic violence, substance abuse, and suicide 
  • Increased food insecurity 
  • Widespread, Government-encouraged discrimination against people who cannot wear masks 
  • Online school, which is failing children at double the usual rate   
  • A year of no family gatherings, celebrations, weddings, or funerals 

On March 20, we New Mexicans will gather peaceably to show statewide support for choosing freedom over fear. We will be garnering media attention, newspaper and radio coverage for this event, aiming to get National attention which will be likely to make the NM Government pay attention. 

   This event will be happening in cities all over the state, with as
   much media attention as possible so it will potentially make National news.
    This will bring the plight of New Mexicans to the forefront, damage the
   Governor’s reputation, and hopefully produce some change.

Media coverage so far:


Protest will be from 10am-1pm 

Here is info for rallies around the state. We need more cities to participate, so please contact me (Sarah Smith) at to get involved. See details at the bottom under each city heading.

Protester Roles 

  • Protest Organizer: Call community into action; notify local newspapers and news outlets  
  • Protesters: Walk together, or with arms linked, holding signs/banners; drive vehicles in Freedom Train; take photos and videos of event 
  • Drive-by Supporters: Honk and drive to show support 
  • Law Enforcement liaison (contact local dep’t prior, then on the day seek out and maintain communication with)
  • Counter-protestor/agitator lookouts (to then communicate with liaison or directly with law enforcement)
  • Welcomer, who welcomes people to the event and collects their contact info: This allows you to build your contact list for your local community. Download an email form template here.
  • Photographer, who documents your event: Photos and videos are one of the most important parts of ensuring that this event will be able to garner maximum press attention.

Equipment Needed 

  • Protest signs and/or banners (we are working up a plan and cost info for banners that can be used) 
  • Optional: Flyers to hand out (we will provide these for you to print out) 
  • Optional: Microphone system for speeches and announcements 


Location: We will gather on the NE corner of Wyoming and Academy in front of ABQ Academy.

Parking: LOTS! Several hundred spots are available directly behind the closed Boston Market and Dion’s Pizza (back end of the WalMart parking lot). There is a walkway to the left down to the street. Not a far walk to our corner.

Signs: We will have some extra and will have materials to make signs on site.
Flags: American Flags are wonderful! This is however, a non-partisan, non-political rally, so please no political signs or clothing.

One of our members will have a bullhorn and the person with the amplifier/microphone will likely join us again (she came to the rally on 2/27).

QUESTION: Does anyone have an outdoor trash can and a vehicle that could bring it to the rally? We would like to put masks in the trash can and take video of us throwing our masks away. 

If you have additional questions, please let me know.

Karen Larré

Santa Fe

Remember the Good Old Days of one year ago!?

I’m inviting you as a friend to a gathering to reclaim our right to live and breathe 

March 20 is an Open Our Plaza gathering from 10am On!

We are looking forward to a festive get-together where we laugh, sing and dance – enjoying the beautiful Spring on Our Plaza.  Acoustic instruments, drum circles, busker-type entertainment and costumes are the plan.

Politics, flags, protests, signage and confrontation are not on the agenda – but anyone certainly may contribute as they wish.

 Make any statement you wish.  Around the periphery – informational tables of various local advocacy groups and people might appear as there is a connection to an international event.

More a Spring Celebration – our “demonstration” is one of what life was and should be like.  Leading by example.

 Entertainment, small-scale speeches by notables and street theatre ideas are in the works.  An ongoing event – we hope to be there every Saturday from now on.

There is also a walk from the Farmer’s Market water tower to the Plaza.  Starts at 9:30 – departs 10am.

Behind this gathering is an inviolable First Amendment “freedom of the people peaceably to assembly” statement.  Be ready to stand and recite the 1st A on cue and in unison.  Noted below.

First Amendment – U.S. Constitution – Religion and Expression

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Bring something to sit on and a picnic.  Leave things cleaner than you found them.  Stay off the lawn.


Suggested Protest Sign Text 

This protest will be most effective if people do NOT bring political signs or make this into a political protest.  

If your protest will include the use of banners, we suggest at least 4 pairs of banners as follows: 

  • No – Lockdown 
  • No – Mask Mandates 
  • No– Vaccine Mandates  
  • No– Medical Discrimination 
  • Yes – Freedom 
  • Yes – Personal Responsibility 
  • Yes– Bodily Integrity 
  • Yes – ALL Constitutional Rights 

Additional Yes/No messages to use: 

  • No – Mask Mandates 
  • No – Fear  
  • No – Dividing People 
  • No – Making Businesses Police their Customers 
  • No —Destroying Businesses 
  • No – Using Propaganda to Spread Fear 
  • No – Discrediting Treatments that Work! 
  • No – Censorship 
  • Yes – Gathering 
  • Yes – Prevention & Treatment that Works! 
  • Yes – Hugs 
  • Yes – Friends 
  • Yes – Medical Freedom 
  • Yes – Connection 
  • Yes – Open Schools 
  • Yes – Open Businesses 
  • Yes – Mask Choice 
  • Yes – Singing in Church 

Other messages to use: 

  • Business, Community and Life are NOT Selfish! 
  • States with No Lockdown Have Better Curves! 
  • Honk for Freedom 
  • Join Us! 
  • MLG – We Demand Freedom 
  • It’s Not Working – End NM Lockdown 
  • My Body, My Choice – NO Mandatory Vaccination 
  • The Long Winter is Over – We Choose Freedom 
  • Lockdown is a Privileged Choice. It Hurts the Poor the Most. 
  • The Science is Clear – Asymptomatic Transmission is RARE 
  • All Businesses are Essential 
  • NM’s COVID-19 Death Rates are Higher Than Texas and Florida 

We are the 100%.