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Terms of Membership and Use Agreement (“Agreement”):

New Mexico Freedoms Alliance (NMFA) is a peer-to-peer organization offering platforms such as this website and our account to collaborate on freeing NM from the unlawful acts of government and restoring state and federal Constitutional rights under rule of law. As such, we do not advocate any unlawful acts, acts of violence or property destruction, or acts of sedition, per se – seeking, rather, to hold elected and appointed officials (who have forgotten that the Constitution is a higher authority than they are) to account for their sedition and treason and for their acts of violence and harm to We, the People of NM.

Our members and our platforms may, however, advocate for peaceful protest and civil disobedience in defiance of unlawful edicts that can be shown to violate our Constitutionally-protected rights or established statutes, and we may thus find ourselves confronted by law enforcement personnel following and enforcing unlawful orders of the state. In such case, the position of NMFA and, by covenant, of its members, is “Defend the Police”, and we shall conduct ourselves honorably to create peaceful and respectful outcomes with the officers in the line of duty – demanding that they uphold their oaths of office and meeting them on that sacred common ground.

NMFA offers its members a public and a private page to post original content, for which we, as an individual and/or authorized representative of a formal or informal organization or group, are solely responsible, as well as the ability to post to the events calendar and send blog posts and comments. NMFA Admin(s) will not moderate or limit your expression unless it violates the stated and implied principles of this Agreement. Public pages are visible to all, so only put there what you want the world to see; private pages require secure login and are for members’ eyes only, as are the blog posts. Comments may be turned on or off for your posts.

NMFA requires that your content not contain threats, intimidations, incitement to violence or other unlawful acts, libel or unsubstantiable character attack (so reference, quote, and document all charges), or anything that would invite legitimate lawful/legal action from law enforcement or a third party. (We expect intimidation and threats from the establishment but don’t want to give them anything actionable to prosecute – unless that is our explicit intent in order to make a legal challenge.)

NMFA is non-partisan but membership is pan-partisan (all colors between red and blue welcome – though groups that do not support the Constitutional Republic will be vigorously held out), so please refrain from criticisms or attacks based on political party or affiliation (this does not mean you must refrain from advocating your own party affiliation or platform, just that we will respect each others’ differences and focus here on our common purpose). Let us hold individuals to account for their acts rather for their ideas or even ideologies, even if there are clear patterns screaming to be named: you have your own group websites, social media channels, etc. for that. This is a place for common cause and coalition-building across all divides so that we may act in unity.

All members shall be vetted and it is preferred that you come by referral and with references so that we can build a network based on trusted relationships. This work attracts saboteurs, counter-protest, agents provocateurs, establishment moles and trolls, etc., and we want to keep them out so that we can have a safe space to communicate openly, plan actions, and feel secure in our growing community of allies. (That said, we must expect infiltration, and this is not a place to share secrets – if we have any. Everything posted on this site and other NMFA platforms must be assumed to be public record, by default, so don’t post anything that could compromise you or us.)

Please, therefore, understand, support, and agree to the following as well as the foregoing, as NMFA will pursue criminal and civil penalties for the violation of these covenants under the contract this creates between us:

“I certify that I represent myself and/or the named organization under which I am applying; the information I supply in the following application for membership is my information, is true, current and correct, and I will update it if it changes; I understand that I will be contacted via the supplied phone number and email address, and that if I cannot be reached there I will not be approved.

“I certify that any employment, informing function, or relationship or connection of any kind with any government agency – law enforcement or otherwise – and/or with any political group or organization will be disclosed in my application. I understand that while such relationship may not disqualify me, non-disclosure does. [We hope to have Constitutional Sheriffs and other patriots working within the system join.]

“I certify that I am seeking this membership to constructively engage in and contribute to the work described in this Agreement and website and that if my aim and intention change, I shall resign my membership.

“I understand that if my application is approved, I will be granted Editor status on the website, meaning that I could change any page, not just my pages, and am being trusted not to. (All changes are tracked and recorded by the system, by login name, so it is not possible to sabotage anonymously; and we back up daily, so the maximum effect of sabotage would be a temporary disruption; but this is an exercise in trust and trustworthiness). I promise to only modify my named public and private pages, to post real events and news, and to obtain explicit Admin permission for any other changes. (I may also send my changes to the Admin(s) to make them for me.)

“I will not copy, share, store, or in any way transmit information from private pages without explicit consent from the posting party, nor disclose to a third party another individual’s membership in NMFA. I will obtain consent within the site using the discussion function or by phone or email before taking any of these actions with private information of any kind.

“My continuing membership is based on broadly upholding this trust, and I understand I may be suspended or removed at any time for a violation, as well as prosecuted if warranted.

“I understand that threats of violence or statements of intent to commit any criminal acts will be reported to law enforcement.

“By checking the Terms of Membership and Use Agreement box and submitting my application for membership below I covenant to faithfully uphold the terms of this Agreement as above.”

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N.B. All the major email services, especially the “free” ones, are censoring, shadow-banning, blocking, and otherwise filtering to the extent that it endangers our sending service to send to them. If you have a fastmail or protonmail or other small, alternative, secure, private (and usually that means paid) email service, we strongly request you use it here and not register any email address from… gmail, hotmail, yahoo, outlook, i – anything, comcast, earthlink, aol, etc.

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