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N.B. All the major email services, especially the “free” ones, are censoring, shadow-banning, blocking, and otherwise filtering to the extent that it endangers our sending service to send to them. If you have a fastmail or protonmail or other small, alternative, secure, private (and usually that means paid) email service, we strongly request you use it here and not register any email address from… gmail, hotmail, yahoo, outlook, i – anything, comcast, earthlink, aol, etc.

The NMFA has several working groups (committees) in progress spanning these subject areas:

  • Executive Committee (execom)
  • Communications (internal and external) (comcom)
  • Business, Economy (bizcom)
  • Education, Children, Youth, and Schools (educom)
  • Legal (lawcom)
  • Medical, Scientific, and Health Freedom (medcom)
  • Political, Legislative Action, etc. (polcom)
  • Security (physical, cyber, food, etc.) (seccom)

In the notes section, please indicate any areas where you would be willing to lead or join a working group, indicating skills and experience and availability, and name which committees you’d like to join initially for communication purposes (please use the short —com names).

If you wish to receive newsletters but not to actively participate in a local group or the NMFA, please subscribe to the unMasked list, which normally sends three emails a week and will keep you up to date on NMFA actions and events.

This is the full list of member group email subscription addresses or pages:

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