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NMFA Committees

As the volunteer base has grown and skilled, experienced, motivated members show up to lead initiatives and actions, we created the following outline of domains to pool and focus participation:

  • Executive Committee (Board) (execom)
  • Communications Committee (comcom)
    • Press and all formal media (in and out)
    • Social media
    • Messaging and materials (propaganda and counter-propaganda)
    • PR
    • Website
    • Email and other external communication
    • Email list management
    • Member interface
    • Outreach
  • Business, Economy & Finance Committee (bizcom)
    • Local economy
    • Small business owners
    • Etc.
  • Education, Children, Youth & Schools Committee (educom)
  • Legal Committee (lawcom)
    • Legal support to Legislative Action
    • Generation of legal instruments for public use
    • Legal education
  • Medical, Public Health & Scientific Committee (medcom)
  • Political & Legislative Committee (polcom)
    • Elections integrity
    • Legislative Action
    • Legislative Liaison & monitoring
    • Candidate nomination and support
  • Security, Intelligence & Law Enforcement Committee (seccom)
    • Constitutional Sheriffs liaison
    • Militias liaison
    • Group security
    • Cyber security

The committees with active links have formed and are taking action, and those without are waiting for someone to take lead. We have volunteers identified for all of these areas, but until someone commits to taking leadership initiative, we do not yet have the resources to develop all these areas. In time…


The following “job” roles have been identified as needed. If you would be willing to step up to serve, please:

  • Outreach and Member coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Donor, Fundraising and Grant-writing Coordinator
  • Community Organizing Coordinator
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
  • Executive Branch Liaison (Gov, Mayors, Councils, etc.)
  • Member Working Groups Coordinator

We also need assistance in professional and skilled roles:

  • Attorneys and legal assistants
  • IT, website, database, security

We are the 100%.