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Covid “Vaccine”

By Sarah Smith

A FEW QUICK FACTS ABOUT COVID-19 “VACCINES” (with references in the links):

  • Vaccines are medical procedures that have a level of inherent risk, as acknowledged by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Food a Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Since 1986, vaccine manufacturers have been exempted from liability for any injury or death caused by vaccines. 
  • Vaccine development generally takes an average of 10 years.  Experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” were fast-tracked and have not gone through full FDA approval processes. They are approved for Emergency Use only.
  • It is against Federal law for EUA products to be mandated.
  • As acknowledged by the CDC, it is not known whether COVID-19 “vaccines” will prevent either contracting or transmitting the illness.  The clinical trials were specifically looking at whether the “vaccines” reduced the severity of illness, but did not study whether they actually prevent contracting or transmitting the illness.
  • Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 “vaccines” utilize an mRNA technology which has never been used in vaccines previously. This mRNA technology is quite different from any other vaccines previously in use, and is more akin to a gene therapy treatment than what people would normally expect a vaccine to do. In other words, these are not vaccines, which is why we are qualifying them as “vaccines”.
  • The CDC acknowledges that COVID-19 “vaccines” haven’t been tested on pregnant or lactating women, people with autoimmune conditions, nor immunocompromised people.
  • There are no long-term safety studies of COVID-19 “vaccines” in the general population. There are unanswered questions about whether these “vaccines” will induce pathogenic priming (which caused increased death in previous attempts to create coronavirus vaccines), placental issues, or other long-term negative health impacts.
  • There is concern that administration of the “vaccine” to people who currently have COVID-19 may cause severe consequences due to the immune system attacking bodily tissues that already have COVID-19 antigens.  This is of particular concern because it is known that many people contract COVID-19 without ever showing symptoms or with only very mild symptoms. 


This article has a useful synopsis of the latest data coming from the CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System for COVID-19. A few pertinent quotes:
“As of Feb. 12, 15,923 adverse reactions to COVID vaccines, including 929 deaths, have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)…
about one-third of those deaths occurred within 48 hours of the individual receiving the vaccination.“…the average age of the deceased was 77.8 and the youngest was 23.“According to the latest data, 3,126 “serious” adverse reactions have been reported. Adverse reaction reports from the latest CDC data also include:

  • 34 miscarriages and pre-term births
  • 917 anaphylactic reactions, 70% of which were reported after a Pfizer vaccine and 30% after the Moderna vaccine
  • Bell’s palsy (Pfizer 75%; Moderna: 25%)

“While the VAERS database numbers may seem sobering, according to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study, the actual number of adverse events is likely significantly higher. VAERS is a passive surveillance system that relies on the willingness of individuals to submit reports voluntarily.”

Informed Consent is very important for these new experimental “vaccines”. Since COVID Vaccines Are Experimental, Vaccine Administrators Must Inform You of Risks.

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